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Smart File Manager For Android Apk

File Manager For Android Apk

Smart File Manager application is the Android Explorer.

Multi-select feature has been improved. 
* Explorer (File Manager)
- Introducing the top menu 
Go to the top of the Root Path of smart devices. 
Go to the top path of external storage space on the SD card. 
- Up 
Move to the top of the folder. 
Move to the previous folder. (The same equipment and features of the Back button) 
Go to the location, cameras and video files are saved . 
Go to the location, downloaded files are stored on the Internet 
Refresh the page. 
Search mode when the button is activated. Button is pressed, the search is initiated.

- Introducing the top multi select menu
- Copy
- Move
- Delete
- Compress
- Select all
- Unselect all
- Paste
- Exit multi menu
- Introducing the bottom menu 
Create a new folder in the path. 
search queries entered in the appropriate folder, and proceed. 
- Quick Links
Move to the System Information page. 
introduction, app settings, go to System Settings page. 
- Run Camera
- Run Gallery
- Run Music player
Run Android Task Manager or Go to market. 
Run Android App Manager or Go to market. 
* System Information (System info)

- Battery information (battery temperature - Celsius, Fahrenheit) 
battery life history information 
battery usage information 
- Ram Information (Total, Used, Available) 
- Internal storage space information (Total, Used, Available) 
- External storage space information - SD Card (Total, Used, Available) 
- CPU status information 
- System / platform information

- Smart File Manager Overview 
Smart File Manager provides introductions and a brief guide 
- Smart File Manager Settings 
set the status bar 
set the background theme 
Services shortcut links 
- Frequently used part of the instrument settings 
volume control 
the screen brightness 
wireless network 
set my location (network, GPS) 
Bluetooth Settings 
language set 
the date and time 

Home screen widget
- Widget Update Time Adjustable
- Widget Theme(Yellow, Red, Black)
- Internal Storage / External Storage Info(2×1)
- Battery status(1×1)

Text Viewer
Image Viewer

If you do not know about the Android file system, you do not move or delete files. Be especially careful to use application.

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App Lock [ Smart App Protector ] v5.9.0 Apk

App Lock [ Smart App Protector ] v5.9.0 Apk

Smart App Protector(App Lock) is an App Locker or App Protector that will protect your installed applications using a password or pattern!(Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Twitter, Snapchat, Skype and any app you choose)

✔ Protects(Locks) installed Apps using password(PIN or Words), pattern, or gesture
✔ Detects and Takes a picture of the Intruder(after failed attempts to unlock)
✔ Support Fake Forced Close pop-up(instead of lock screen)
✔ Set individual passwords for each app(multiple passwords)
✔ Support a variable size pattern(1×1 ~ 18×18)

Other features
• Lock screen timeout and Lock screen rotation
• Lock incoming calls and outgoing calls
• Wi-Fi whitelist to deactivate lock at whitelisted locations
• Set Lock Time to only activate lock at certain time
• Lock 3G data
• Remote Lock by SMS keyword
• Customize the lock screen
• and Lots of More features

Smart App Protector(App Lock) is the best app locker or app protector that will secure your smartphone and protect your privacy. App Lock also can lock your data such as pictures, SMS messages, and videos, Gallery, Camera, Gmail.

What’s New
* v5.9.0
· added ‘Custom Size Pattern’ feature(you can customize size of pattern – 1×1 ~ 18×18)
· added KitKat pattern theme

Note : Unlocked Premium features in App Lock (Smart App Protector)!

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Launcher 8 v2.2.2 Pro For Apk

Launcher 8 v2.2.2 Pro For Apk

Launcher 8 Pro:

★More energy efficient, fluent and powerful functional.
★Can free download all premium themes.
★Complete experience all the features of the launcher 8.
★Support horizontal / vertical screen, make or use 6 Tiles Columns Themes.
Launcher 8 is a great app for you can ease of imitation WP8/IOS 7 and other styles start screen on you Android Phone or Tablet device (Tablet Launcher), fully personalized, free DIY and more variety of exciting themes.

Features :

- You can add different size tiles;
- You can add a variety of color tile;
- You can save/restore/share and download the themes;
- You can edit the start screen layout;
- You can set the current background style;
- You can switch the application list style
- You can add Android widgets in the tiles;
- You can set the wp8 style lock screen and status bar;
- You can select more than one hundred kinds of theme colors;
- You can add special features tiles, like time, LED light, Live Gallery and Live contact photo.

Reminder :

1 The live contact needs to read the contact data (Avatar) access permission;
2 Direct dial call shortcut need the CALL PHONE permission;
3 Direct send text message shortcut need Send Message permission.
4 Download the themes need access the network permission.
5 The LED Light need access the Camera permission.


The notification feature requires manual activation . After activating this service, please return to the Theme settings > Statusbar > Notification app > Open the switch if you need to message notification on the app(eg: Facebook). For more information, please see our FAQ:

Activation all app notification steps:
1. On Launcher 8 home screen, click Nenu, click “Settings” – “Statusbar” – “Notifications active” – turn on ;
2. Then will go to “Accessibility” – “Services” – “Launcher 8 statusbar notification active” – Activation it.
3. Back to the Status bar setting, enable App Notifications, And make sure the apps running at background , also you can view our video.

What’s New :

V2.2.2 Update:
- Add some hot App icons, Eg Hangouts, Viber and Facebook Messages.
- Can restore the default theme and setting.
- Display Novice Tutorials when first running.
- Increase multi-language of the main interface.
- Fix bugs.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

" NOKIA X " Might Be The Name Of Nokia's Normandy Android Phone

 " Nokia X " Will Be The Android Phone By Nokia Soon Going To Launch 

The Most Rumored Phone On Internet Now a days comes in news again. The Latest leak news from @evleaks that Name of New Nokia Android will be " NOKIA X ". This rumored phone is now been months on the internet and new leaks are coming on daily basis. Nokia's rumoured budget Android smartphone, thought to be codenamed Normandy, has been in the news for months now, with leaked images hitting the Internet on a regular basis, along with speculated availability and specifications.
Now @evleaks has claimed that Nokia's only Android phone might be launched as the Nokia X. The popular phone tipster's tweet reads, "Project Normandy = Nokia X." It is noteworthy that in the past, @evleaks has come out with fairly accurate information regarding yet-to-be-announced devices and we will not be surprised if he manages to hit the bull's eye even with Nokia's alleged Android phone.

Unfortunately, there are no details except the alleged Nokia X name which the tipster claims will be Normandy's final name.

Earlier, phone tipster @evleaks had posted a pair of screenshot which it claimed to show the alleged Nokia Normandy's UI. The leaked screenshots of the Normandy's UI purportedly reveals the home screen and the notifications page. Notably, the home screen panel's leaked screenshot included apps for dialler, message, contacts, internet, Twitter, Skype, MixRadio, Here Maps, Camera app, Plants Vs. Zombies, Gallery, Vine, Facebook, Calculator, Calendar, Alarms, Music, Downloads, Radio, Viber, Opera and WeChat. It's worth pointing out that the home screen of the alleged Normandy looked very similar to the tiles-based UI seen on Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices.

In addition, the leaked home screen panel of Normandy also included the BBM app which points to the device actually running Android version (BBM is not on Windows Phone, and won't be, for the near future), however, there are no credible reports on the Android version as of now.

We have already seen the alleged Nokia X aka Normandy in images supporting dual-SIMs and Wi-Fi.

Prior to this, the alleged Nokia X, though to be codenamed Nokia Normandy was leaked in a render that purportedly revealed the device in multiple colours. The leaked render showed the rumoured Nokia X in six colour variants, including Black, Cyan, Green, Red, White and Yellow.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Finger Print Scanner v3.30 App For Nokia S60V5 Mobiles

Finger Print Scanner v3.30 App For Nokia S60V5 Mobiles

Finger Print is a scanning application for Symbian S60 5th edition, When the FingerPrint screen pops up, you need to touch your finger to the screen to be "scanned" for your identity, there will be vibration and beep sounds during the scan. The phone will be unlocked not depend on whose finger it is, but on how many beeps or vibrations since your finger touch the screen. 

Play the trick with your friend to show off your phone and make some fun with this top quality and most popular app TODAY!

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